Friday, April 3, 2009

Do you hear what I hear?

Well, probably not, but I heard the lovely sound of a heartbeat coming from my very own belly! I met my ob/gyn for the first time and loved her...she said everything looked and felt great. Yippee.

So now we move on guessed it: the next thing to worry about. Honestly, I wonder if this pattern will ever change: reach new milestone, freak out about the next one.  The series of genetic testing is my current demon.  Not knowing if the baby is ok is making me not want to tell people I am pregnant. I know babies and children and adults with down's syndrome are wonderful people, trust me. I volunteered at a camp for folks with all kinds of disabilities for 8 years. This is why I know how great they are and how unable I am to care for a downie (our affectionate name for people with down's syndrome). Call me a bad person, but I know my limits. Besides, this is a place for me to be honest, so there you have it. 

Ok-I can't do anything but wait on this one and gosh, I am getting good at that.


  1. Yes, the NT test is the next big hurdle. It is scary! I am still pondering my own limits. It is hard to know. When is your test? (hey, you need a ticker on here)
    Glad to hear you like your OB!

  2. Congratulations on the heartbeat! How magical and wonderful and WOW! And I am so with you on the "next thing to worry about"-- I worry about the chromosome stuff too since I am 42 and the odds suck shit. And I also know my limitations. But having never been faced with that decision (and hoping I never am)-- I cannot say for sure what I will do even though I know what I should do. Wishing for ALL OF US that we never have to make those choices. And M, unless you have a nefarious secret life, you are not a bad person by any stretch of the imagination.