Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where's the rhyme and reason?

So, I squirted in my last tube of crinone yesterday. Looking around at other gals' blogs intrigues me. Protocols are so vastly different. I'm not just talking about lupron and stim meds. It makes sense to me that those would vary based on response, medical conditions, etc. I'm referring to the 'once you are pregnant' protocol. Some continue with both estrogen and progesterone. Some do progesterone every other day (which I would not be able to keep straight), some go until week 12. My clinic had me stop estrace as soon as I had a positive beta and continue crinone until week 10. It makes me think that nobody really has the answers out there in (in)fertilitylandia.

On a different note, still hanging in there with naps and mild nausea. Like a kinesophobic living on the San Andreas fault, with every little twinge or cramp, I think, "Oh no, it's the big one. The big m/c..." Then it goes away and I go back to whatever I was doing. Which is probably eating...already gained my 5 pounds and still have three weeks left in the trimester...oops.


  1. Yeah, they just had me cut my estrogen dose in 1/2 (at 8 weeks). I'll cut everything at 10 weeks. I, too, have heard all kinds of things.

    I think the gaining weight thing is fine, within reason. My friend always gains a bit more than they say you should, has healthy babies, and loses the weight(mostly through breastfeeding).

  2. week 10-- nearly 11, well isn't that amazing! Congratulations Magsy_- I am so happy for you!