Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things I have learned so far...

1. Pain on one side can be ectopic or it can be due to the fact that your ovaries are still HUGE and/or you have an ovary-sized cyst on one of them that everyone concurs is normal with fertility drugs. 

2. Spottting can be fine or bad. Best to go to the ER and know for sure. My spotting is back, but it is now brown. This is supposed to be better than red, but it still freaks me out. Better to call the nurse, which is what I will be doing as soon as their office opens.

3. Sperm counts can be increased. The first two counts were around 16 million. After taking vitamins, and decreasing alcohol consumption, it went up to 25 million. After continuing with vitamins, reduced alcohol and adding pycnogenol (not even that much-just a 25 mg pill from Tr.ader Joe's), the count was 42 million. 

Thought I would share. Hope you are all in a calm, positive place and if you have any extra calm positive vibes to throw my way, I'll put them to good use.

p.s.-I really found comfort from this wonderful IVFer:


  1. Gah, your poor innards-- sorry about the ovarian pain (scary) and the spotting (yay brown! still scary)-- and wish things could calm down so you can just enjoy this for, say 5 minutes at a stretch.... thanks for sharing the sperm count info- I am sure that will be helpful to many. As for you, I am wishing you all good calm positive everythings. The sun is shining in, it is a beautiful day, I feel like there are a lot of good vibes to share this morning. Hope they help.

  2. sending calm vibes (hope they work better for you than me!)

  3. Thanks for posting on my blog - so glad that you got a bfp and even more glad that you saw the heartbeat!! How exciting!

    I hate spotting more than anything - it is so scary but I have heard about a million times that it can be normal and some women spot/bleed throughout the entire pregnancy. I just have to talk myself down when things like that happen!