Monday, March 2, 2009

Another milestone

After a slight identity mix up (they signed me in as a woman with a similar first name and same last name), I was on the table ready to expose myself. The belly part was fine and I wasn't even too sad when they couldn't hear the heartbeat. When it came to the vg-wand, however: watch out, people, I had an inexperienced driver. I don't think he realized the tunnel is only so wide!! Luckily, the other dr. took over and we did see that cute little flicker on the screen. 118 beats per minute. 6 weeks, two days or 6.3 in math is measuring at 6.o, but heck, I was a late bloomer, so I'm not surprised. Wishing all you fellow (there should be a less male equivalent of that word) bloggers peace and happiness. (No, I didn't take any illegal drugs.)


  1. wow, inexperienced driver, scary!
    But, great news on the h/b count, that is awesome!

    Heartbeat! Great news! And as for bad drivers-- sheesh. As if that is really needed at a time like this. Good for you and thanks for sharing your happy news with us! YAY and good and PHEW.

  3. hey we are just a day apart!

    lay off the drugs, okay? (kidding)

  4. Wonderful. So glad things are going so well.