Thursday, March 19, 2009

(no) Pomp and (no) Circumstance

There wasn't too much pomp and circumstance, really. Just a mother crying tears of joy on the ultrasound table...that was me! It actually looked like a baby this time. Well, I mean when the technician pointed out the arm and leg buds, we didn't have to completely use our imagination. So now we have graduated to an ob/gyn. Another milestone. Truly, I am amazed and humbled.

While we were waiting for the anticlimatic meeting with the RE, a group from an IVF class shuffled in looking hopeful and nervous. I wanted to say, "Look, it can work!" but I refrained. I know it doesn't always work, and I know that I had spiteful feelings toward pregnant women just a few short months ago. (Kate, you're a saint for not having those feelings.)

So... all this eating is definitely catching up with me. The problem is, I don't look pregnant yet, just fat. I am perfectly ok with this, don't get me wrong. However, buying spring clothes today for my upcoming trip to California was problematic. I finally found some cute and stretchy pieces at the G.ap Outlet...too bad horizontal stripes are in, though.

Next week I will be thinking of all of you, but in an unplugged sort of way while on vacation. Sending good vibes to each and every one.


  1. hey, congratulations, that is fantastic!

  2. HAPPY NEWS!!! Tears of joy, now THAT"s a nice change! Oh GradeA, I am so so happy for you. Happy graduation! NO worries about the "looking fat" part-- I have heard that "thick" comes before bump, so you are right on time. Have a great week!