Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We had our ultrasound and everything was normal. Of course we are so paranoid that during the long silence when she was measuring the heart, we both got nervous...but all for naught, as our baby boy is movin' and groovin' and has all his pieces parts. When she measured his femur, she said, "he's going to be a tall one." Makes sense. His parents are pretty high off the ground. In more ways than one, today. Now-gulp-I don't go in for another 4 weeks. I don't know what I'll do with myself-so long...and no more ultrasounds until the very end. "But I'm an addict!" I wanted to shout. Probably not a good idea in an OB/GYN office.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I'm used to the weird dreams by now, although they aren't as frequent as they were in the first trimester. Last night's vision really takes the cake. I went to my u/s appt. and found out the baby's head was on backwards. Can we say ultrasound anxiety? Very stressful and upsetting during the dream, but downright funny when I woke up. We have seen that the baby's head is, in fact, facing the right way in numerous ultrasounds...Tuesday's u/s appt. just needs to get here. Happy Memorial Day to all.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I hadn't heard from my doctor's office and the amnio was OVER TWO WEEKS ago. Of course I called, tried to use my patient voice on the answering machine, and a nurse called back to say everything was NORMAL!!! Yippeeee!

So now I can just go back to worrying about the stabbing pain I keep having on my left side (different from the lighter flutterings). The nurse last week gave me the following scenarios: nerve pain or gas and to call back if anything changed. I was thinking ligament pain (but it happens when I'm sitting), or baby kicking my really still very large IVF ovaries...what do I know? Anybody out there have this?

About to go soak up some sunshine and keep smiling from ear to ear.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pop Rocks

Butterflies? Hardly. Remember the pop rock candy from our youth? It feels like I have pop rocks in my abdomen, folks. Especially noticeable after a glass of chocolate milk-baby's first sugar rush. I'm loving it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


First of all, the universe is unfair in so many ways. Dear sweet Kate received some heartbreaking news today: Kate.

Please be sure to send her some love. She has been so good to all of us and so deserving of something completely different than what she got today.

Literally as I was reading of her awful news, I got the good news phone call from the nurse on the preliminary results. It's anticlimatic when a blogosphere friend is in so much pain.

I'm just going to take a little break from blogging in order to allow myself to reflect and give in to whatever my body needs/takes from me. I will check up on all of you, and I'm hoping for healing and eventual happiness for all of you.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Amnio day

The amnio went fine. I was a little nervous, but really just more interested in getting it over with. Now comes the next triple-tiered waiting period: A) 24-72 hours is when most post-amnio miscarriages occur B) 24-48 hours for the preliminary results C) 10-14 business days for the definitive results.

Oh-and we found out the sex. When comparing notes later, the Mr. and I both thought we saw something while the tech. was going through the series of angles and measurements, and then she asked if we wanted to know the sex. Instead of telling us, she tried to get a between the legs shot, but baby was flipping around. She said, "Come on, peanut, you were just flashing us a minute ago." Which is how we guessed and then got the confirmation when the between the leg view finally showed up on the screen, that we are having a boy. Fingers crossed that it's a healthy one.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Uncontrollable and a book recommendation

Other than a major emotional outburst, a horrible call from my ob/gyn appt. scheduler and a missed opportunity to see the Dal.ai L.ama, I seem to be doing fine.

The outburst was one I have come to recognize. It's the familiar feel of throat tightening and the threat of tears, while some part of my rational self is saying "I can't believe I am crying over something so stupid." And yet, I can NOT make it stop. The most recent one was at work. In front of other people. Oh well. I'm sure it won't be the last.

The scheduler's phone call was a real doozy. Why don't people think before they speak? She said, "I see you have an amnio scheduled for 15 weeks, two days. That may be too early, and the membrane may not yet be fused properly. Do you want to risk it or do you want to reschedule for the following week?" My mind is racing. "Do I want to RISK it? What do you think, you less than human creature of evil?" Hmmm...thinking logically and with my research in my back pocket I ask, "Won't they look at the membrane with an ultrasound before doing an amnio? What do you mean by RISK it?" Her response: "Well, some people can't get off work easily, and I just figured I'd ask." Ahh-so the "risk" was in reference to having to reschedule the amnio. I told her I would think about it, talk to my partner, talk to my doctor and talk to my amnio veteran girlfriends and get back to her, and in the future, maybe she should choose her words more carefully. Ok-actually, I just said "I'll call you back tomorrow," hung up the phone and burst into tears (big surprise, I know). I'm keeping my appt. for Monday.

I don't even want to write about the last thing I mentioned. Suffice it to say, it has ben drilled into my head since the day of the transfer to avoid overheating my oven. I was told no hot showers, no car seat warmers, call immediately if you have a fever. So, while I'm not worried about dying from the piggy flu (stole this name from one of my friends), I don't feel the need to expose myself to illness in the form of hanging out with thousands of people, however low the risk. After all, we are dealing with low risk numbers all the time and still obsessively freak out about them!

If you are still reading, I would like to say how lovely it is to tell your girlfriends you are pregnant and immediately belong to a club, receive advice, and be treated like a queen. My sister booked me a pregnancy massage and one friend whom I just told yesterday gave me a book off her shelf that I adore: _The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy_. It has me laughing out loud and feeling like all my abnormalities are normal. At least until the next fear or insecurity sneaks up on me.