Monday, May 4, 2009

Amnio day

The amnio went fine. I was a little nervous, but really just more interested in getting it over with. Now comes the next triple-tiered waiting period: A) 24-72 hours is when most post-amnio miscarriages occur B) 24-48 hours for the preliminary results C) 10-14 business days for the definitive results.

Oh-and we found out the sex. When comparing notes later, the Mr. and I both thought we saw something while the tech. was going through the series of angles and measurements, and then she asked if we wanted to know the sex. Instead of telling us, she tried to get a between the legs shot, but baby was flipping around. She said, "Come on, peanut, you were just flashing us a minute ago." Which is how we guessed and then got the confirmation when the between the leg view finally showed up on the screen, that we are having a boy. Fingers crossed that it's a healthy one.


  1. Fingers crossed on the results! Congrats on having a boy, so exciting!!

  2. Hope hope hope the results are perfect, and congratulations on your little guy!
    If you can, it would be great if you are able to let me know sometime what the amnio was like- pain duration weirdness factor so I can panic more specifically. Here's hoping that the next 72 hours are COMPLETELY uneventful. warmly, Kate

  3. I second Kate's comments, wishing you a boring couple of days. Hang in there. And thanks for your comments on my blog. You are sooo right.