Wednesday, May 6, 2009


First of all, the universe is unfair in so many ways. Dear sweet Kate received some heartbreaking news today: Kate.

Please be sure to send her some love. She has been so good to all of us and so deserving of something completely different than what she got today.

Literally as I was reading of her awful news, I got the good news phone call from the nurse on the preliminary results. It's anticlimatic when a blogosphere friend is in so much pain.

I'm just going to take a little break from blogging in order to allow myself to reflect and give in to whatever my body needs/takes from me. I will check up on all of you, and I'm hoping for healing and eventual happiness for all of you.


  1. Yay!... for you and the good news....
    It's good for the rest of us to be able to offer comfort to Kate, but then receive hope from your good news. Take care of yourself.

  2. Congratulations on your good news that is so great-- and I so agree with K- thank you for sharing your good news with us- it makes me feel hopeful and positive and I cannot tell you what a gift that is. Thank you for sending such amazing support to me directly and indirectly- it means more than I can say.

  3. congratulations on your wonderful news! i know how weird that is, i remembering hearing about a loss at the same time i had my anatomy scan with piper and it was so hard to process. it's all just so unfair and inexplicable. there is plenty of room for survivor's guilt in the IF blogs but just think how gloomy it would be if we only ever shared the bad news. there has to be hope, even when we can't have hope for ourselves. especially because it's so hard to have hope for ourselves, sometimes being hopeful for each other is the best we get.

  4. Hi Again...
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. It's interesting that we have similar circumstances and have tried similar methods, particulary with all of the supplements and the acupuncture, ear seeds, etc. I'm hoping my next opportunity follows your success as well! Thanks for the info....