Saturday, February 28, 2009


No. Not the show. Spent 6 hours there last night after bleeding and cramping on one side started. Finally left at almost midnight and had to drive around looking for dinner. Thank goodness for college towns and their late night pizza joints. I digress. I have no energy to write about it, other than to say they did see the sac in the correct place (phew) along with ovaries that are still so huge they're touching and the bleeding eventually stopped. However, I am trying not to freak out about the beta number the nurse casually dropped: "22 hundred something". UM...2200? I was too out of it last night, but isn't that low for 27 (almost 28) days past egg retrieval? I didn't see it written, she just relayed this to me verbally. Maybe she left off a zero?  I called the ER and left a message with someone to see if they could give me that number again.  Any info. would be greatly appreciated. I'm going back to sleep.

UPDATE: She WAS missing a zero! Someone in the ER just called me back and my HCG # was 22,984. I'm doing the happy dance. Damn this roller coaster.


  1. Ok- that sounds scary and stressful and I am so sorry- I wish I could say something truly reassuring- I hope you slept again this morning, hope you woke to no cramping, and a clear and good beta and a day filled with whatever it is that you do to soothe yourself-
    god I hate this stuff, this scary wtf stuff, the stuff that keeps us guessing and worrying and wondering. I am keeping my fingers crossed that your beta is FINE. and keeping you in my thoughts. Hang in there GradeA- praise the late night pizza and the well positioned sac and the end of the bleeding. I just wish this whole thing, even this fabulous success, did not have to be so friggin hard. thinking of you- Kate

  2. oh my, that is so scary. But, if they saw the sac, after you had bleeding, that is a very good sign. When I had bleeding and cramps at almost 7 weeks, the u/s showed no sac at all(and I had already m/c'ed.)

    Great news on the CORRECT beta!

  3. how very scary! I am glad you saw the sac and got the correct number. I am praying that every thing remains calm from here on out for you.

  4. PHEW. I am so happy to read your post script! Happy dances all around. I know the whole IF journey makes you super paranoid but I hope you get to worry less and enjoy more very soon!

  5. yikes, how awful, i'm so sorry you went through that! hope things are on the mend. what did they say about the huge ovaries? is just one of those 'give it time' things?