Saturday, February 14, 2009

warning: downer post

Bb's feel less sore, the cramps I once hated are now least I knew something was happening down there when I had them. (There is no pleasing me, folks.) Feeling sad. Test on Monday. Weekend trip was cancelled for reasons beyond our control. Going to get in the car and see where we end up, my job for the day will be to keep the tears at bay. Happy F-ing V day. 

Just burst into tears to Mr. Huevito, telling him I don't feel pregnant. "Who knows she's 8 days pregnant?" was his response. Right, right. Ok. I will just try not to think about it. I was happy that his hug surprisingly hurt my messed up is that?


  1. Oh gradeA-- damn it. and I am sorry. and i hope it does not mean anything bad--
    I will not try to talk you into or out of anything, you have every right to feel however you do-- but i will say this, i often need to get in the car and go. moving through space sometimes helps me-- this weekend? maine. good luck and hang in there. i hope it helps a little for you too.

  2. Sorry you are feeling down. I go up and down too. And my hubby tells me the exact same thing when I complain of no symptoms. HOW would you know crazy lady is what he says. It is too early. But I WANT to know and am tired of waiting ;-) I test Monday too. Here's hoping you end up some place great and have a good enough time to relax and get your mind off this even if for just a few minutes at a time. Will be thinking of you!

  3. I know how u are feeling. I am waiting to test on tues and I dont feel pregnant! It is far too early for us to tell at the moment though. Hang in there and fingers crossed

  4. Mr. Huevito is sooooooo wise. :)

    Enjoy your drive -- I've got my fingers crossed for you on Monday!

  5. Good luck for your results on Monday. I hope it is a nice sunny day where you are. Hope there is good music on the radio and it lets you forget all your cares and just live for the moment.

  6. no more messed up than anything about having to go through all this! i mean seriously, how are we not supposed to be total wrecks? and if it makes you feel better, mood swings can be a symptom too :)

    fingers crossed for good news, please please please!!!