Monday, February 9, 2009

Symptom follies (pun intended)

I am officially diagnosing myself as symptom obsessed (meats) meets symptom dismissive. Hah-so funny that I accidentally wrote "meats" since my first symptom is that I seem to be eating for everyone in my entire state. 2: Mild cramping (which actually always freaks me out) and 3: peeing more than I am used to.  Then today I experienced something scary which of course I googled: heart p.alpitations. Turns out they can be a symptom. Oy vey. I'm going crazy, I tell you.  I realize (b/c it has happened sooooo many times before) that this could all turn out to mean nothing. So, in case I forgot to mention it, I am going crazy and you are invited to laugh out loud at me. I need to bring myself back to the relatively sane.

On a different note, I need some advice on this one: I have two friends coming to stay with me on my testing day. I am thinking of asking permission to go a day sooner in order to have more time to process the news and put on a happy face, albeit an ersatz one. My clinic is one of those cruel 18 days after retrieval joints, so it shouldn't make that much of a difference, right? 

One last thing: thank you so much for your comments. They really help me feel that I am not alone here. Good luck to all of you.


  1. 18 days? They are indeed very cruel!!! I would ask for it to be moved up, I definitley don't think that would hurt. If it were me, I would need time to get over the news either way, whether it was good or bad.

    As for the symptoms and constantly checking them. OH you are so NOT ALONE. I am exactly half way done, but the second half feels like it is going to be forever!

  2. my clinic does 18 days too. they would be more likely to let me go an extra day late than test early - they are pretty hardcore about it. i would POAS the day before, it will be pretty reliable by then.

    i did have palpitations when i was pregnant. it started again once i was on the PIO/estrace (even before transfer). shooting up the hormones that cause all the symptoms is rather cruel - you will most likely have them either way.

  3. Definitely ask to test a day sooner!
    That is a loooooooooong wait.
    good luck!