Wednesday, February 11, 2009

desperately seeking positive

I am desperately seeking positive thoughts right now. Let's look at the pros and cons of my current condition:

Pros: I had heartburn for the first time in my life last night. Symptom or just too much meatloaf? The sore bb's are nothing new. I always have those after ovulating. The cramps are freaking me out...I really can't associate them with anything good, although I know they aren't necessarily bad. I am pretty sure my other symptoms are just psychosomatic.

Cons: Last night I read that peppermint tea and flax seed oil are on the no-no list for pregnancy. Hello? How was I supposed to know this? Guess what I have been consuming EVERY day. Yup. I have already cut out cold food, all caffeine (except a little chocolate...a girl's gotta live), most sugar (see previous confession about chocolate), alcohol, dairy (acupuncturist), peas and tofu (Julia Indichova). Ok, deep breath. It's not like I've been consuming arsenic milkshakes...

So, I asked my Sweetie to fill our days with distractions (read, movies) and he said, "Are you getting worried?" Yes. I am just feeling negative to neutral with fewer and fewer "this could be it" moments. I'm not hopeless, but you know: a hundred times burned....In better news, I did get permission to go in for the beta test a day early. 


  1. You are not supposed to eat peas? I swear there is something new all the time! I am basically staying away from caffeine, alcohol and too much salt. But I haven't POAS yet so couldn't tell you if it is working...

    The cramping sounds like a good sign to me! How many more days to beta then? I am down to 5.

  2. Totally sending you happy thoughts. I was reading through your blog but couldn't find out the number that were transferred. But goodness! 23 fertilized that is spectacular.

    Can't wait to hear about the positive beta!