Tuesday, April 21, 2009

expunge mode

I am going to write this so that I will stop thinking about it, stop worrying about it and realize that this is what I asked for. I got the results from my first chromosomal screening today. I went from a 1/280 chance (based on my age) to a 1/50 chance after the blood test. Our options are CVS ( where they take a sample of the placenta) which I would need to do tomorrow and has a 1/100 chance of miscarriage; amniocentesis which I would need to wait another 2 weeks to do and has a 1/300 chance of miscarriage; or just do nothing basically (wait and maybe see something really wrong on an ultrasound in 3 weeks, but with no definite answer unless it were really obvious). Well, after crying for the thousandth time and after consulting with the Sweetie, we decided the CVS was too scary (especially given the miscarriage rate and the worry that my placenta has been doing all the bleeding). So, we are going to do the amnio...hoped it wouldn't come to this, but here we are.

This puts us in that odd position of not wanting to tell anyone yet-which I am fine with-but baby seems to want to make him/herself known to the world and is getting harder to hide. Any advice is welcome. I'll be in the kitchen eating some NY Super Fudge Chunk....breathing and spooning deeply.


  1. I voted for amnio while I was reading your post. Good choice, I think. As far as the hiding thing....let each situation be your guide. Don't overthink it. Spend your energy on growing the healthy bump instead.

  2. Magsy, shit, Well I believe there is great healing energy in NY super fudge chunk-- and I am sure to be faced with similar decisions at my age and can barely think about any of it since I hate the possibilities. So, brave soul, there is no one right answer and you are doing the right thing for you. As for your not quite ignorable bump, it is still sweater season up in the cold north so come on up!-- But I did notice there are a lot of blousy spring tops this season, if you've ever wanted to be fashionable, now's your chance. They make everyone look pregnant. Good luck to you and I am pissed off that my wish for smooth sailing for you was blatantly ignored by the universe. Wish I had more pull. Thinking of you. Kate

  3. I had my screening on Monday so I haven't received my results yet. My husband and I have decided to not do any additional test unless it is a 1/10 chance. But when faced with the results who knows I could change my mind. If I had to choose which one I would do the amniocentesis. I think amniocentesis has been around for a long time. I'm sorry that you have to make that decision. I know it's not easy.