Sunday, April 19, 2009

All the leaves are green...

...and the blood is brown. Or even non-existent. It happened yesterday, it it was the best gift a woman completing her 13th week of pregnancy could receive. Lucky 13. To celebrate all things brown, I had a chocolate chip bagel for breakfast. Here's hoping for another 27 weeks in the clear.

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  1. Oh, so very glad that things are looking better! Here's to completely uneventful 2nd & 3rd trimesters!

  2. hey according to your ticker thingy we have the same due date. hope all the drama is behind you and here's to an easy second tri.

  3. SO glad to hear your good news and so hoping that that was that. I feel like you experienced that pretty fully, don't you? Yeah, so...
    Yay brown.
    You so deserve smooth sailing from here on out. Oh, and that includes adolescence (just in case the universe is listening). Lucky 13 indeed!