Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's a baby

There's a baby in me. Sounds silly, but it loses its reality until I see the ultrasound, then it is real again (briefly) and then I will start to wonder once more. Is it true? There really is a baby in there?

All was fine. Baby is measuring at 12 weeks 4 days (that's one day ahead!). The technician seemed to be really excited about the nasal bone. "Babies with Down Syndrome don't have one," she said. I'll have to look that one up-feeling dubious. To us, it just looked like baby had a really huge schnauze.

I have to say, it's all feeling a little anti-climatic. Why? Because I don't look pregnant (just fat), I am STILL bleeding and tired of  no answers for why. "Could be a myriad of things," they all say. That's not an acceptable answer to me. It still freaks me out every time. Does anyone have some advice on these feelings?

Ok. Let's find a better place. I am happy the baby is healthy. I am grateful to have three days left in this trimester. I am lucky to have health care. Thank you, universe.


  1. WOOHOO!!! Congratulations on being nearly out of the first trimester, and hurrah for huge schnozzes! I've heard the DS thing, too, and I would definitely take it as a good sign - I know it's one of the markers they look for in an ultrasound screening.

    Healthy baby - pictures of healthy baby! You gonna post 'em?


  2. Sorry, I think I said YAY! too many times...but what the hell? Have another one! ;)