Friday, July 10, 2009

Urine, sweat and tears

Off and on since Saturday, I have found my underpants to be damp. Curious. Was it urine? Sweat? Amniotic fluid? After freaking out for a few hours, the next day it seemed to be better. Until yesterday. SO, today my doc took some...ahem...discharge samples. She whisked them away and then sent a nurse in who asked for a urine sample. Curious. That got my wheels spinning.

The upshot? The samples didn't -look- like amniotic fluid, but on the ph scale of basic to acidic, they were very basic. Guess what is also basic? Yup-amniotic fluid. But-that's why she asked for the urine sample. Urine is supposed to be acidic. Guess what mine is? Yup-basic. So now I am on a mega cocktail of vitamin c, have to monitor volume with panty liners (felt a little silly buying those with an obvious bump), must try to keep my bladder empty (um-right-I'll try to use the bathroom more than I already do) and go back on Monday.

So-sorry if this was TMI, but I always am so grateful for all things I learn about by reading other gals' blogs as well as advice from y'all. I'll update on Monday and in the meantime I'll be stuffing my face with oranges, extra supplements and cranberry juice.


  1. wow...very interesting. And yeah, thanks for sharing for those of us not in the know (yet, if ever).

  2. thinking about you and hoping that you'll soon be acidic again! and you know? I have never wished that on anyone before, you're my first.

    thanks for getting yourself checked out and I sure hope this turns out to be absolutely nothing to worry about. GOOD LUCK