Saturday, July 25, 2009

time does fly

Just like I never know whether to look at the week I have just completed or the one I am about to start when reading those "how your baby is developing week to week" sites, I don't know if my third trimester starts today or next Saturday. I have decided that it starts today: there are 13 weeks left (give or take a few weeks, days, what have you, depending on baby's grand entrance plan).

Looking back at the first two trimesters, here's what I have to say: the first one seemed to last somewhere between a year and a lifetime. From the two week wait to feeling like every cramp or bowel twinge was a miscarriage to the bleeding episodes, I exaggerate not: a year to a lifetime.

It didn't feel like that much of a milestone to hit the second trimester b/c of the impending amniocentesis and subsequent 2ww for results (dear cruel universe, I already HAD one of these, thank you). I do remember thinking that 20 weeks was pretty amazing, both for the ring of "half way" and b/c I had long ago read a woman's blog entry* about an involuntary gas episode as she walked around T.arget. I looked up to her like young girls admire the makeup-wearing, boy discussing teenagers. Wow-20 weeks. She is soooo cool. Reaching 24 weeks (i.e.: if your baby is born now, hospitals are required to do all they can to ensure its survival) was not as exciting for me as it is for some women. A fifty/fifty chance of survival still sounded awfully scary.

However, I will say that the second trimester FLEW by. Really. I don't know how I'm here. My baby boy is due in 3 months. October 24th. My mom and I spent a week organizing, making room, purging or storing unnecessary treasures and setting up a crib. I am reading the baby books. We are signed up for breastfeeding class, childbirth class and infant CPR class. I had a regular OB/GYN appt. yesterday and my belly has grown 2 inches in a month. This just might be hitting me.

*sorry-can't remember who wrote it.


  1. Still stuck in "A year to a liftime". Can't wait to get to "time does fly"!

    So glad it's starting to feel real!

  2. yes, the 2nd tri does go so much faster!
    Very cool that you've gotten work on the baby room done, and are signing up for classes!