Friday, July 17, 2009

Nervous Nellie Syndrome to get an extra ultrasound.

1. Ask doctor if it's normal to feel baby experience what seems like small seizures. [Seriously-what is he doing in there?]

2. Cry when admitting to not taking meds she had prescribed for you.

3. Still have an irritated cervix and funny ph levels.

VoilĂ : you get an extra ultrasound!!

Doc says she was pretty sure everything was fine, but wants to make sure (read: she wants me to see for myself) and that the m.etro gel is safe to take, especially as a gel (as opposed to pill) and especially after first trimester. Ok-I will take it, I tell her. Thankful that she doesn't seem to judge me and convinced I can't be the most annoying patient at the practice, I drive down the street to the ultrasound joint. Explain to technician and then doctor why I am here:

"Well, I was leaking and seem to have an infection and irritated cervix."
"You know, they can test the discharge to see if it's amniotic fluid."

Ensue ph level explanation, everything is basic, therefore they can't be 100% positive explanation.

Followed by ultrasound revealing happy cervix, lots of amiotic fluid and real live (and so big and smooshed in there!!!) baby.
Funniest part? At one point, the tech. couldn't see the cervix as well as she would have liked. She said the doc. might want to use a vaginal probe. She asked, with a dulcet "this might be difficult" tone: "Have you ever had a vaginal ultrasound?" I laughed out loud. Have I ever, indeed!

So, the way I see this? I had just experienced more than 7 weeks of peace, calm and (practically) no worrying! My body had to stir the pot a bit.

*As it turns out, so is everything else in my life: my v.agina is to liquid as my car is to transmission fluid and my stove is to gas. At least those last two have been fixed, and I think I am ok, too. My guess? Infection + (probably) pee+ sweat=wet undies.


  1. I am laughing your last wet undies comment, and your presumed response to the tech if you've ever been wanded before. Ha! Too funny. Good for you for getting another u/s.

  2. Good to hear everything is okay!

  3. how ya doing Magsy, everything ok?
    I am maddened that sometimes I comment from work and it does not always show up-- huh. So, that sucks rocks. It is true for your blog and a few others. BUT better late than never, I read this way back when and was glad to hear all is ok and glad to know you got checked I think you deserve to err in the direction of caution- and I am glad you saw your doc and told the truth and got a good old fashioned wanding.

    Hope all is well,