Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm not a doctor...

...but I play one in my own life. I took one dose of that M.etro Gel stuff yesterday, even after reading the packet insert about how pregnant women should only take it if necessary. Today, after doing more research, I decided that was going to be my first and last dose. I am just not comfortable putting baby at risk. I know, I know: infection=bad. I am going to go back to yeast infection cream, since that was what I was told to do over the weekend, but my use of the cream was incomplete and a little sporadic. Usually they look at the gunk to identify it as yeast, but this is presenting in an atypical manner. Don't worry-I am going back on Friday and I will be honest about what I have done/haven't done. I will also call immediately if anything funky happens.

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  1. I hate this complex stuff, where we cannot know what the right thing to do really is since we cannot diagnose ourselves, make our own choices... gosh I hate that for you.
    BUT I do know this-- if yeast? You can do topical nizoral. and if BV? I am sure they will know what to do-- metrogel works really fast on that so maybe you can use it anyway once they know what they are up against. So tomorrow I wish you clarity and a simple solution.
    about the weight,
    I think our bodies are generally wise, I really do-
    I'd be interested to see what the guidelines are in Europe where obesity is not quite as common-- I can't help but think in the US they think we all start out padded.

    good luck tomorrow,