Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's my pregnancy...

...and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to...

Oy-it's laughable how much I cry. Yes, that's exactly what I meant to write.

When I was watching the movie UP? Usually, I would have had a lump in my throat or maybe shed a few silent tears at the sad moments. Being pregnant? It was like there was some primal beast within and I I tried to keep it in, but ended up wailing. This thing just had a mind of its own. It happened in the middle and I did my best to stifle, but at the end it happened AGAIN, only this time it was followed by uncontrollable laughter b/c I simply could not believe I was crying over this sweet little movie.

Today? Well, admittedly, I have had a frustrating morning (just your usual can't find what I am looking for, people are not calling me back, blah blah) and then? I noticed a droopy leaf on my snake plant. When I touched it, it detached itself from the soil and lay there in my hands. Upon close inspection, several other leaves did the same. I was talking to my sister at the time and said " I have to go-I just killed my plant." Luckily, I got off before the wailing started. I over watered it. First with the pitcher and now with my own tears. What's left of it is sitting outside, and I'm hoping it will dry up (fat chance with all the rain we have been having). I know there's no use hoping I will dry up any time...

Pregnancy is a wild and wacky thing...


  1. hormone soup and waterfalls apparently!
    at least you are in touch with your sensitive side.
    I am a big sap so I judge you not. At least you have a great excuse!

    tender you-- hope your plant lives and I will NOT be seeing Up. I know I am not strong enough. PathetiKate.

  2. right there with you, although i mostly cry lately over noticing piper growing up, which i would probably be doing anyway. still crying at the baby food jars in the grocery because she's outgrown them is a little over the top.

  3. thanks for the comment - it is good to "meet" someone that has had success!