Friday, September 4, 2009


September is here and we are back at school. One final hurrah of summer this weekend as we celebrate a friend's wedding in Maine.

I do not have too much to report. My family threw me a lovely shower last weekend and it now looks like Santa Claus, at the end of his route, decided to dump off the remaining contents of his sleigh in our living room. Family and friends, thank you.

I do not weigh myself anymore. The one doctor I do not particularly love at our practice (and I'm sure will be the one on call when I go into labor) asked me if I drink a lot of fruit juice or eat a lot of ice cream. I felt like a fat kid being reprimanded. Then he went on to say a lot of tall woman gain 40-45 pounds and then lose it relatively easily. So my question is, "Why be a jerk and ask stupid questions, then?" I am not letting it bother me, not getting on the scale anymore and politely refusing to answer when rude people inquire how much weight I have gained. I am happy to report that tons of people who have not seen me all summer are commenting that I look great, am all baby, am only pregnant from the front, yadda yadda. There are just too many of them saying this to allow me chalk it up to the "they are just being nice" category.

I go from excited to nervous, but mostly excited about this baby's arrival. Still very much enjoying being pregnant and trying to relish it. Relish is less cliché than pickles, I figure.


  1. I was just noticing your ticker says you only have 50 days left. Wow...that is just so amazing and so awesome. Congrats. And BTW, eat all the damn ice cream you want.

  2. why do people say stupid things about weight? seriously!! :(

    at least you're getting so close!!! :)

  3. Hey there Magsy-
    great to see you here! I love the idea of you being showered with love and appreciation and helpful goodies.

    Soapbox time- I just wonder why the feck people seem to think that someone else's pregnancy is a public process and open to comment-- your body is doing something simply amazing. Women gain 30 lbs, or 70 or whatever, I hate that there is this big deal focus on weight gained or not. This includes general public and medical folks.. It just drills right into all the tender spots for the cultural crapola that women deal with anyway, and that just seems extra extra extra unfair.
    off box
    but shit.

    and you, I am certain, even knowing you not at all- you are beautiful Magsy no matter what the hell your weight is.

    with big love,

  4. Thanks for the info about the mercury free shot. I'll ask my doctor about it and maybe they can get their hands on some, or hopefully already do. I'm just going to wait for the shot now until I know if I'm pregnant after this IVF now. THANKS!

  5. i just noticed we have the same EDD according to your ticker! hope you're hanging in there, it's getting a bit uncomfy around here but i too am putting relish on my hotdogs (and clearly not getting enough sleep)!