Thursday, January 29, 2009

HCG stands for...

Hormonal Curmudgeon Gal. I have been rather emotional for really no good reason. I cried two days ago when my nurse told me to stop taking stims. (Were they canceling the cycle? But stims are good...I NEED more follicles!) I cried this morning after falling on the ice and thinking I had just popped all my eggs (yes, I am an intelligent human being, but this stuff is very irrational). I cried again tonight driving home. Why? Just the confluence of emotions, both good and bad. Another pregnant friend on my list as of today.  Fergie singing "Big girls don't cry" just encouraged the flood. Oh, and don't even get me started on the mister's oh so funny "What are we doing at 9?" attempt at comedy when I texted what I thought was a very calm " Are you close?" text at 8:45. "Hello! You are shooting HCG into my a-s-s!"

Positives: 10 follicles on each side, no more shots, i.Pod synched with my chill out/get psyched list.

Time for some rest and positive thoughts.


  1. oh yay, you are almost there!! i'm triggering at midnight so hopefully if all goes well up until transfer we can wait out the wait together! good luck!!!

  2. Hey, I cry all the time! Sometimes I start crying in the RE's office even before she comes in the room. Great about no stims! You're almost done!

  3. I know what you mean about the emotions. ivf should be cryvf! I just started reading your blog and just wanted to tell you you have a great sense of humor. Good luck with your trigger and retrieval.