Thursday, January 8, 2009

0 to...11

My thoughts are consumed by dates and numbers, as I am sure all of yours are as well. Last Friday my progesterone level wasn't even at one, so I was told "Come back on Thursday. It has to be at least at 3 to start lupron." Ok. Fine. Like a good doobie, I went back today. My magic number? Eleven. Let's do some math. 11-3...seems like I could have gone in a lot sooner, started this cycle days ago, why are we wasting precious time, hello-I'm not getting any younger!!!!!

A little ranting always feels good. Lupron it is, then. I'm a bit worried since I have to take it in the morning...if I become a monster I can't hide in my lair. 

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  1. hi, saw you on cyclesista and just wanted to wish you luck! all the waiting does get so maddening.