Saturday, December 13, 2008

The best 2WW ever

No joke. I drank, I didn't stress, I shed no tears, I ate junk was actually kind of a relief to go through an entire luteal phase knowing that (ruling out immaculate conception), there was no way I could be pregnant. You see, you know those magic few hours of OMG! my OPK is speaking to me, the stars are aligned, the line is dark and...yah, well...that was the time that my DH and I were 7 hours apart for Thanksgiving. For four days. Not that a pregnancy was likely, seeing that we are now on the exclusively IVF  track. We started with an IUI cycle that never happened b/c of what they called an "exuberant" egg production. I was transferred to IVF. I will probably talk about that experience in another entry. 

For now, suffice it to say, I got my period today and it was the most anti-climatic one I've ever had. The funniest part has been seeing "symptoms" that I normally freak about. For example, there was the day I was sooo hungry all day. Not b/c I was pregnant. Or the day I had those funny stabbing cramps. Not b/c I was pregnant. There was also the day I had a horrible headache, or the day I came home exhausted. Guess what? Not b/c I was pregnant. Cheers to day one. Looks like the party will really get going at the end of January. 
p.s.-It feels good to be blogging! I'm no longer a lurker.

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